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It's no secret that the number one challenge in IT is budget.  IT has traditionally been the most difficult department to plan a budget for.  Organizations are constantly trying to find ways to control cost in Technology spending.  IT is constantly challenged to extend the life of existing infrastructure while being able to boost productivity, cut costs and help achieve business goals.  

Digital Seattle understands these challenges and has helped organizations for over 15 years in finding the right solutions and creating the means by which they can implement them. 

Digital Seattle’s Digital 360 Location Services - Onsite provides the right amount of coverage the business needs and adds additional services that can enhance business processes.  This can be anything from additional hands on support to leveraging cloud computing resources to taking advantage of our hardware as a service offerings.  

Our Digital 360 Location Services - Onsite is ideal for businesses that are looking to leverage technology to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.  Our plans are designed to where businesses of all sizes can take advantage of these IT management services.  We help business overcome the financial hurdles that IT constantly puts up by being creative and leveraging our resources as well as those of our partners.  This is our way of creating the best business value for technology services.

Digital 360 Location Services - Onsite

In addition to adding ultimate protection to keep critical workstations and users operational, Digital 360 Location Services - Onsite can add additional onsite support, online and cloud computing services and hardware as a service.

Digital 360 Onsite clients enjoy all of the benefits of the Digital 360 Remote services and unlimited Onsite technical support.

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