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Since retaining Digital Seattle in 2016 for our IT support, we have transitioned our business forward to a new server, desktop computers, and other devices supported by frequent off site backups. Our employees have also become more efficient due to our immediate access to IT professionals. All of this positive change came about after a thorough review, followed by qualified recommendations from Voiko Tanev and his IT specialists. It is reassuring to know that our network is constantly monitored for updates, issues, security and firewall optimization. Thank you for providing tremendous stability and peace of mind with this aspect of our business.

Carin K., Client since 2016
Seattle, WA

Digital Seattle is proactive in the maintenance and security of our network and systems... and keep us ahead of the game by ensuring our software and hardware is working at peak performance. Keeping our systems running without down time is extremely critical. Their level of service and expertise is fantastic. I think we all sleep a bit better at night knowing we have true IT professionals working on our behalf! Everyone is very friendly and helpful. We also like the fact that they offer other services; such as the recent upgrade of our phone system to a cloud based system that saved us a significant amount of money, while providing ease of use and all the features you'd expect in very high end systems. We highly recommend their services! Having worked with DS for many years now, we really appreciate the consistent high level of service and commitment to keep us running smoothly! Thank you!

Mitch M., Client since 2010
Edmonds, WA

Digital Seattle has completely removed any worry or element of stress I used to have regarding the maintenance and reliability of the IT equipment at my place of business. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff is quick to respond to any issue I may be facing, and they are flexible to work around my needs, schedule, and budget. I have faith and confidence in their advice, and appreciate that they can walk me through and help me to learn basic resolutions to simple issues I can handle on my own. Digital Seattle comes highly recommended by me, and I can say with great confidence that they are an absolute pleasure to work with! I have worked with many other IT support tech personnel and businesses in my past, and none can compare to the excellent services that I have received while being connected with the Digital Seattle team.

Emily F., Client since 2012
Seattle, WA

I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks to each of you who help me navigate this mess over here every day. You guys have been unbelievable and have really helped us out of many jams. I usually just take, take, take so today I wanted to say thank you and I appreciate everything that you do for us here! I wouldn't be able to do what I do here without each of you.

Cherilyn S., Client since 2010
Everett, WA

Digital Seattle has a great group of people and it is always a pleasure to work with them! When we have technical issues their "ticket" system works very well. There is an immediate response acknowledging the problem and then there is typically a very expedient fix. Digital Seattle set up a new server for our expanded office. They were very good at following through with all the complex issues related to the transition. We highly recommend Digital seattle to any small to midsize business. They have provided excellent service to our company.

Brett C., Client since 2013
Seattle, WA

Digital Seattle has made the biggest difference securing our entire network. We initially contacted Digital Seattle after being victims of a “crypto-locker” attack where we almost lost hundreds of thousands of dollars of work. We weren’t nearly as safe as our last IT company led us to believe. My employees don’t even sweat IT problems anymore…they know it’s usually solved in less than 10 minutes with an engineer. This leaves them more time to work on stuff that helps pay our bills.

Bryant H., Client since 2014
Preston, WA

Digital Seattle is very responsive, respectful, friendly and forward thinking. They make an effort to understand our company and they also try to make sure we understand what they are doing.

Sarah A., Client since 2013
Seattle, WA

No trouble is too big or too small for my IT department. Digital Seattle has gone above and beyond for us. They have helped me with even the most minor issues, they have stopped by on their way home to help, and they have even spent a whole weekend updating our system to make sure we were up and running by Monday morning, and we were. Everyone is so nice and easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend using Digital Seattle for your IT department.

Shayna R., Client since 2005
Tukwila, WA

We are sincerely happy to be working with you guys.  You are so thoughtful and careful with understanding our IT needs. I always recommend Digital Seattle to colleagues who need IT support services.

Helen N., Client since 2011
Kent, WA

Digital Seattle has been supporting all of our IT needs since 1999. We’ve grown quickly and they’ve helped us in our Seattle office as well as with strategy, hardware, software, and configuration when we opened a workspace in Washington, DC. Their team of engineers understand our industry’s software and hardware requirements. Many of their engineers have been with them for a long time. That continuity means a lot to me. They’ve taught me a lot and their rapid response to our “help” inquiries is unprecedented.

Cass S., Client since 2007
Seattle, WA

We have found a very honest and realistic adviser to guide us as we continue to grow and expand. As a non-profit with a limited IT budget, we greatly appreciate that Digital Seattle has kept our budget in mind as we make decisions... We really like the fact that we can call and immediately talk to someone if there is an issue. We have appreciated getting to know their team... they have provided us with outstanding service for many years and have earned a high level of trust with our organization.

Brandon H., Client since 2007
Seattle, WA

Since we are a small company, we really like that Digital Seattle is able to accommodate all of our needs from IT support, troubleshooting, and purchasing of our business machines and accessories.  Their service is first class, their technical competence is good and everyone at our company has nothing but praise for Digital Seattle.

Rob C., Client since 2014
Seattle, WA

I like that the Digital Seattle team is trained in our technologies, they know our infrastructure. I can call and talk to them and get results- they are not rookies.

David W., Client since 2002
Seattle, WA

... With past experiences, we were doubtful that we would be able to reach anyone for assistance. To our surpise though, regardless of the time, a tech will usually call us back within a reasonable amount of time to help us troubleshoot.. Digital Seattle is quick in responding to our IT needs. The techs are prompt and extremely patient, and have excellent team work... It makes people like me with very basic computer knowledge not feel intimidated or uncomfortable when working with them.

Jane L., Client since 2014
San Francisco, CA

What I like most is how responsive, professional and friendly the staff is. Digital Seattle has made some technological recommendations for us that have worked incredibly well... The services that Digital Seattle provides leave us with a peace of mind with regards to frequent backups, the ability to reach an engineer in a short amount of time and their ability to solve our PC and network issues.

Cherilyn S., Client since 2010
Everett, WA

We've found Digital Seattle's staff to listen carefully to our needs and to be highly responsive, knowledgeable, and innovative in their recommendations and service. We've worked with them for all of our technology needs ranging from installing infrastructure, servers… to maintenance, repair and planning. I would be delighted to recommend Digital Seattle for any of these services.

Robert M., Client since 2006
Seattle, WA

Digital Seattle has been our computer technologies support partner since 2003 assisting us with our network setup and administration, IT support and even our upgrade purchases. Digital Seattle's support service has been prompt and reliable and they have always been able to meet our IT business needs.

Rod K., Client since 2003
Seattle, WA

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