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We know that we are in good hands and can trust the feedback we get from Digital Seattle in all aspects of our technology management. From server maintenance and back up, new hardware ordering & service, annual software licensing, IT problem resolution, etc., our issues are handled more smoothly, quickly, and in a more cost effective manner than trying to provide all of these services in-house.


Digital Seattle helps keep us on the leading edge and current with things including our annual “state of our systems” review that provides feedback about new trends, what other similar firms are doing and changes that may be coming up. All of this leads to our ability to make good decisions about purchases and resource allocation. The length of our history together speaks to the confidence and comfort level we have with the team at Digital Seattle and the services they provide.

Jeff W., Client for 20+ years

Deep knowledge of our property & intricate systems


Over the past 20 years of working with Digital Seattle, we have benefitted from their familiarity of our property and intricate systems. Any updates or additions we have had were made seamless due to the experience and knowledge already in place because of employee retention. They have built a strong rapport and familiarity with our staff, making any technical issues that arise easy to address and solve swiftly and with ease. We have always felt cared for by the team, and that our concerns are valid and given the attention they need.

Shelley W., Client for 19+ years

High level of service & commitment


Digital Seattle is proactive in the maintenance and security of our network and systems... and keep us ahead of the game by ensuring our software and hardware is working at peak performance. Keeping our systems running without down time is extremely critical. Their level of service and expertise is fantastic. I think we all sleep a bit better at night knowing we have true IT professionals working on our behalf!


Everyone is very friendly and helpful. We also like the fact that they offer other services; such as the recent upgrade of our phone system to a cloud based system that saved us a significant amount of money, while providing ease of use and all the features you'd expect in very high end systems. We highly recommend their services! Having worked with DS for many years now, we really appreciate the consistent high level of service and commitment to keep us running smoothly! Thank you!

Mitch M., Client for 9+ years

Positive change, Stability & Peace of Mind


Since retaining Digital Seattle in 2016 for our IT support, we have transitioned our business forward to a new server, desktop computers, and other devices supported by frequent off site backups. Our employees have also become more efficient due to our immediate access to IT professionals. All of this positive change came about after a thorough review, followed by qualified recommendations from Voiko Tanev and his IT specialists. It is reassuring to know that our network is constantly monitored for updates, issues, security and firewall optimization. Thank you for providing tremendous stability and peace of mind with this aspect of our business.

Carin K., Client for 3+ years

Clear Professionalism & Efficiency


In contrast to our past providers, Digital Seattle’s professionalism was apparent from the first day we sat down to talk with them about a potential collaboration. Their knowledge of the industry is up to the minute, and their staff is very experienced. They have solved every single computer, network or server related problem our staff has experienced since we brought them on, and they have done it fast. Several times they identified a hacking threat that could have cost us many thousands of dollars, and neutralized it. 


 For a fair fee, they have given us an iron clad disaster recovery backup system, cyber security, all-hours access to fast tech support from knowledgeable staff (even when most of us are working from home), and we now have state of the art hardware. If any architecture firm is not covered in these areas, their risk is huge. Digital Seattle has given us peace of mind that has allowed us to conduct business quickly and efficiently even when working remotely.

Larry J., Client

Never wavering loyalty


Prior to joining my team, Digital Seattle was already our In-house IT Management company. Over the years when I’ve asked, they have willingly taught me many things so that I can support our team members and assist in setting up their computers. Other IT firms often contact me but I have never wavered in my loyalty to Digital Seattle. They are responsive, know our systems well, and bring new engineers up to speed for a smooth transition each time. Even when they are busy, they understand and empathize with my needs. If someone isn’t available to help me immediately, they always respond back shortly which gives me hope of a quick solution and little down time, and their after-hours support is great too!

Cass S., Client for 15+ years

Friendly, Efficient & Reliable!


Digital Seattle is fast, friendly, efficient & reliable! I had only worked with private IT people in the past, a one-man show. It could take DAYS or WEEKS to get responses or resolve an issue. Most times we were waiting on them to physically come out to our location as well which was very frustrating. 


With Digital Seattle's reliable service and support, we can count on them to respond to our tickets in a reasonable amount of time! You won't be sorry if you give them a try! 

Emily F., Client for 8+ years

Trustworthy, Reliable & Responsive


Digital Seattle provided our property with top responsive service, in order to keep our network and systems up and running. Real time back-up and protection were very important to meet our needs, and Digital Seattle provided that sense of security. Their team personally cares and that is made abundantly clear. They are trustworthy, reliable and responsive.

David W., Client for 9+ years

Honest & realistic adviser


We have found a very honest and realistic adviser to guide us as we continue to grow and expand. As a non-profit with a limited IT budget, we greatly appreciate that Digital Seattle has kept our budget in mind as we make decisions... We really like the fact that we can call and immediately talk to someone if there is an issue. We have appreciated getting to know their team... they have provided us with outstanding service for many years and have earned a high level of trust with our organization.

Brandon H., Client for 18+ years

First-class service


Since we are a small company, we really like that Digital Seattle is able to accommodate all of our needs from IT support, troubleshooting, and purchasing of our business machines and accessories.  Their service is first class, their technical competence is good and everyone at our company has nothing but praise for Digital Seattle.

Rob C., Client for 6+ years

Thoughtful, Careful & Understanding


We are sincerely happy to be working with you guys.  You are so thoughtful and careful with understanding our IT needs. I always recommend Digital Seattle to colleagues who need IT support services.

Helen N., Client for 9+ years

Responsive, Respectful, Friendly & Forward thinking


Digital Seattle is very responsive, respectful, friendly and forward thinking. They make an effort to understand our company and they also try to make sure we understand what they are doing.

Sarah A., Client for 6+ years

Helpful "ticketing" system


Digital Seattle has a great group of people and it is always a pleasure to work with them! When we have technical issues their "ticket" system works very well. There is an immediate response acknowledging the problem and then typically a very expedient fix. Digital Seattle set up a new server for our expanded office and were very good at following through with all the complex issues related to the transition. We highly recommend Digital seattle to any small to midsize business. They have provided excellent service to our company.

Brett C., Client for 6+ years

Confidence in network security


Digital Seattle has made the biggest difference securing our entire network. We initially contacted Digital Seattle after being victims of a “crypto-locker” attack where we almost lost hundreds of thousands of dollars of work. We weren’t nearly as safe as our last IT company led us to believe. My employees don’t even sweat IT problems anymore…they know it’s usually solved in less than 10 minutes with an engineer. This leaves them more time to work on stuff that helps pay our bills.

Bryant H., Client for 6+ years

Responsive, Knowledgeable & Innovative


We've found Digital Seattle's staff to listen carefully to our needs and to be highly responsive, knowledgeable, and innovative in their recommendations and service. We've worked with them for all of our technology needs ranging from installing infrastructure, servers… to maintenance, repair and planning. I would be delighted to recommend Digital Seattle for any of these services.

Robert M., Client for 19+ years

No trouble too big or too small


No trouble is too big or too small for my IT department. Digital Seattle has gone above and beyond for us. They have helped me with even the most minor issues, they have stopped by on their way home to help, and they have even spent a whole weekend updating our system to make sure we were up and running by Monday morning, and we were. Everyone is so nice and easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend using Digital Seattle for your IT department.

Shayna R., Client for 15+ years

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