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Digital Seattle is now a member of the Apple Consultants Network and to best serve our clients we present all the following benefits of this new partnership. iPads and other Apple devices are known for their superior reliability. Members of the Apple Consultant Network offer their clients the same high-end reliability. Integrating iPads and other Apple devices into your enterprise’s workplace doesn’t have to be confusing and can offer the following benefits:


With the state of mobile business computing, the Apple iPad provides business professionals the kind of mobile computing power that is beneficial to maintain the productivity their job requires. As such, there needs to be security measures in place that will keep their company data and other vital information safe. Apple devices feature state-of-the-art AES 256-bit encoding that is used to protect data at rest.

Building on the already impressive hardware encryption capabilities of iPad, email messages and attachments stored on the device can be further secured by using Data Protection. Data Protection uses a user's device passcode to generate a strong encryption key. This key prevents data from being accessed when the device is locked. This feature goes a long way to ensure that your data is safe and secure even if the system your device is linked to is compromised.

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The IPad device itself features over-the-air policy enforcement to prevent unauthorized users access to personal and company information. A device passcode is utilized as the initial line of defense, while other options for the security of your device include timeout periods, password complexity and data erase feature that is enabled after a variable number of failed password attempts.

iPad also provides a secure platform foundation for third-party applications. All apps designed to be used on the iPad must come with an official developer signature to ensure these apps haven’t been tampered with. Credentials used by all applications are stored within an encrypted keychain. Developers also have the option to build encryption into their applications, to further protect sensitive information.


To ensure that users can gain access to their organization’s information, the iPad connects with corporate VPN systems. The VPN on demand option on the iPad allows users to connect using certificate-based authentication codes. Mobile Device Management makes configuration of the company’s VPN system easy and secure.


The iPad is easy to configure for end-users. All a user needs a few minutes to enter his or her information manually or install a pre-determined configuration file to ensure their iPad is current and is ready for work.

If you are depending on the benefits of mobile computing by outfitting your employees with iPads a Mobile Device Management API can be integrated with third-party solutions to configure and update setting, monitor use, or even wipe or lock a managed iPad.

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